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Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Summer is waning. Did I get out in my kayak at all? Nope.

So this weekend, that's what I did.

I meticulously checked the wind and weather. All clear. Then I loaded my trusty Muktuk up, strapped it to Brady P's wagon and rolled it down the hill to the Harbor Haus landing.

Off I paddled. Straight to what they call Gull Rock because there are always so many gulls there. I have never been so close to it before. The lichen on it is incredible! The rocks are much taller than they look from shore. And the gulls throw an absolute fit when a visitor comes.

Gully Gull Rock

Then I circumnavigated Porter's just to make sure I got a decent paddle in before I set out on my island adventure.

Yeah, that's right. I was going to have me an adventure.

My adventure face on Lake Superior!

The waves were certainly a bit rougher on the lake side. I could tell more by the other people who were paddling around. I mean, there I was in my 17 foot sea kayak and these dudes were bouncing around on what could have been Fisher Price toys. Yikes! I didn't see any casualties, though, so that was good.

Soon enough I parked in my favorite little cove, grabbed my backpack and popped a squat. The sun was so warm that I took off my pants and sat on a blanket. My undies looked enough like a swimsuit that nobody would be the wiser. Besides, I was on an island... I can hang out in my underwear!

I watched a couple more kayakers go by on the "safe" side, and hoped they would make it back around. I watched my little town from across the harbor and smiled. Haha. I was getting away just enough to let my spirit soar.

And before I knew it, I was soaring. I traipsed around that island in my kayak booties which stuck to the conglomerate like a mountain goat's hooves. I ran the ridges pretending I was on my bicycle. I stretched so tall on the highest point like I could touch the sky and said a prayer for Lake Superior.

She is my savior. She is always there for me.

Then I bebopped around playing my harmonica. I don't necessarily play the harmonica, but I sure like to make up songs! I made up an islander song and played it over and over while leaping around the warm pools and inlets.

Harmonica, baby!

Warm pools on the conglomerate

My favorite cedar tree

It was so magical. I mean, really. It just was.

My heart was so light and free that I thanked the universe for being where I was -- where I am -- at this point in my life. I am just so grateful for everything... even the appreciation of it all!

I could go on and on about the rest of my time, but I just wanted to give you a glimpse. I will tell you this, though. You were there with me. Yup. That's right. I was right back into that mindset of commentating my observations to you, dear reader of my blog. And I realized that that is just part of who I am. I like to share my adventures, and I'm grateful for the gift to write about it.

And that you read it too.

Have a marvelous day, mon!

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1 Comment

It’s nice to see that you have a bit of time to get back into exploring mode!.. we love to be part of your adventures. Is there a way your can notify your followers on this blog of new posts? Thanks

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