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The brady P. project!


Introducing Brady P.

He will melt your heart.  He will show you unconditional love.  He will show you that anything is possible.

The mission of the Brady P. Project is to show the world the importance of unconditional love, acceptance and believing in yourself and others.

It's how we're going to help save the world... one heart at a time.

Is yours next?

How to be part of the change

~ Subscribe to Downs by the Bay -- a weekly blog about raising a little boy with Down syndrome on the shores of Lake Superior.

~ Donate to a non-profit that promotes Love, Advocacy or Mother Nature. They are listed below!

~ Be a good person.  Hey, that's what this is all about!  Thanks.

Organizations We Love!

Special Books by Special Kids

Copper Shores Community Health Foundation

Copper Harbor Trails Club


Copper Harbor Vitality, LLC is proud to do its part by hosting the website for the Brady P. Project. 

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