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The Cheeky Scribe
Is Almost Here!

At the Cheeky Scribe, we simplify the process of writing your book while making your story impactful and authentically you.

You speak it. We write it.

About Us

  • Our goal is to create your non-fiction, educational manuscript woven with your soul story, so you have another powerful tool to help boost your career.

  • Our main objective is to keep you comfortable as you share your story throughout this process. The more you speak as yourself, the more we capture and portray your authentic voice.

  • We take an average of 2-3 months to complete your manuscript.

  • We charge 30 cents per word* for the process to deliver your final manuscript. * Introductory rate may apply!

  • Services include:

    • Introductory interview 

    • Manuscript outline and design

    • Initial drafts of all chapters written from your audio recordings

    • Up to two full revisions

    • Licensed proofreading services

    • Correspondence with you throughout the process

    • A finished manuscript that YOU own all the rights to

Sign up to be an author with us!

Shortly after submitting, you'll receive our survey to see if we're a good match. Can't wait to meet you!

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