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A Fresh Air Inspired Life

Vibrantly hosted by Amanda Wais
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  • Unique local guests

  • Copper Harbor from the inside

  • The importance of kindness, connection and community

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1) The Virtual Yooper Is For REAL!
2) Brady P. & Mama: On a Mission
3) Gregg Patrick: A Plow Master!
4) Miss Liz: Liberation through Honesty
5) Steve Brimm: Photography, Music and Musings
6) Staci Gibson: At the Genny and Into the Woods

7) Stacia Lynn: Empathy and an Open Mind
8) Don and Peg Kauppi: Anchoring the Mariner
9) Forrest Fill: Kindness, FFarts and Big Laughs
10) Amanda Wais: Content Creator
11) MaryAnn Quackenbush: Cleaning the Restrooms
12) Becky Weeks: Welcome Center Saint

13) Miranda Davis: The Isle Royale Queen
14) Dr. Erika Vye: Our Geology Guru
15) Kelly Raber: Lake Superior Gravity Series
16) Dan Harri: Harbor Haus Head Chef
17) Unexpected Intermission (a shorty)
18) Aaron Rogers: Trail Building Legend
19) Insight from a Year Rounder
20) One Step to a Fulfilling Life
21) Michael Babcock: Copper Shores Community Health Foundation
22) Scott Ochodnicky: Deep Space and Supervising
23) Why You Come to CH
24) Gail English: Passion in Performing and Painting

25) Gilly: The Man Behind the Polo Shirt
26) Hannah Rooks: Growing Up at The Loon
27)Ned Huwatschek: Smith Fisheries Stories
28) Barb Foley: Old Country Store History
29) One Year! Exposing the Meaning
30) Cherri Allen: Community Glue

31) Sounds of Spring (Waterfalls!)
32) Brickside Brewery and Food Truck
33) Truman Jones: Municipal Maintenance Supervisor
34) Lessons from Adversity
35) Jeff and Kathy: Performances in the Park
36) Nathan Miller: Copper Harbor Trails Club Executive Director
37) Welcome Center Hidden Gems
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