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Need a little love and acceptance in your life?  How about opening the door to defying the odds?  Downs by the Bay showcases my little boy's life as he grows up on the shores of Lake Superior and in the arms of Mother Nature.  The pictures and antics of Brady P. are sure to warm your heart.  If you're interested in being a part of our change in this world, check out the Brady P. Project!


Need some adventure?  Find where I'm roaming on my wheels, in the meadows, on the trails and along the lake.  Visit my latest adventure blog and learn how you can come along!

Need a Copper Harbor fix?  Visit Da Harbor blog for pictures, videos and wild journeys from my pre-mom days in Copper Harbor.  Though I am not posting new material on this blog, it archives a life of possibilities, curiosity and sometimes bad decisions. 

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I currently have three titles available:

- In the Dirt ~ A Novel about Being Human

- Digging for Light ~ A Memoir to Inspire Humanity

- Little Slices of da Harbor ~ Copper Harbor, Michigan

- Touring the Tip ~ an adventure pocket guide (Sold Out!)


Browse the Bookstore!


Or purchase your books at the following locations:

- Laughing Loon in Copper Harbor, Michigan

- Grandpa's Barn in Copper Harbor, Michigan

- Copper World in Calumet, Michigan

- The Living Room in Clintonville, Wisconsin

Outdoor adventures

I love to be outside.  Breathing the fresh air.  Marveling at the expanse of Lake Superior.  Hiking up the hills.  Flying down the trails on my mountain bike.  Sniffing wildflowers.  Sifting the soil through my hands in the garden.  Skiing through the powdery snow.  And, most of all, feeling connected to Mother Nature.

I have articles published in several different publications.  To mention a few: Traverse Magazine, Outdoor Hub, The Great Lakes Pilot, Yooper Steez blog, Experience Michigan and others -- all outdoor related.  Feel free to click the links and search my name to find my articles.  Some of them have won awards!


Do you need a writer like me for your publication?  Drop me a line!

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