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All the Winter Things!

Oh my goodness, I didn't realize how much I missed the winter!

The break in weather was nice because winter is a lot of extra work, but it's also so pristine, quiet in a way, and it offers opportunities not granted any other time year.

Like skiing!

Brady, Esa and I got out for our first ski of the season this weekend. Well, Braeden got to ride because he doesn't have skis... yet.

Don't be surprised. He had absolutely no interest before this year. Now he wants his own cross country skis! I'm so pumped! I'm going to pick some out for him in the big town (Houghton). I'm hopeful they have some in his size. Wish us luck!

So Braeden rode in the chariot the other day. While I pulled.

Esa caught this moment for us. Smiley face.

Esa also taught little man how to call, "Mush! Mush!" when he wanted me to go faster. Ha! In all honesty, I liked it better than when he shouted, "Mummy, go faster!"

Sorry, kid. Mummy can't go any faster up a hill. And I told him that!

But we had a great time out there! So much fun that I went out the next day after work... with nothing extra to pull! It was nice, but I think the day before really tired me out. I wasn't moving too quickly.

Before the snow really got good and useful, Braeden and I would go down to the shore to check out the waves.

I don't think he will ever get tired of that. And that's a good thing!

So, yes. It's winter here! According to the Keweenaw Snowfall Totals, we got about 60 inches from the day that first storm started. Remember when I said shoveling felt like a novelty? Well, it doesn't anymore! Ha!

We had to shovel everyday for over a week. I mean, we had to. But now we are well seasoned, and this little break is nice. But Braeden has his little purple shovel, and this is also the first winter he has been helpful moving snow with me. And he loves it! Thank goodness for that.

Mount Bohemia is open for the season, and I heard the first day was pretty good! Braeden's school was canceled twice last week due to weather. The snowmobilers are here in droves. I mean, I can count 40 sleds in the Mariner parking lot on the weekends. At least! And the xc ski trails are groomed, so winter activities are back in full swing.

It feels good.

The days already feel like they are getting longer, so that also feels good. Who knows what's ahead, but I think we are going to get through this one pretty well.

Did you listen to our latest podcast? It features Uncle Gilly! You've probably seen him at the Mariner (because he's worked there for 26 years!) but he also does a lot for this town. Make sure you check out the man behind the polo shirt. We have a lot of fun together.

Okay, well you take care now. See you in a couple weeks unless you check out our other platforms. We've got a lot going on!

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"Mommy, go faster!" You got it right young man.

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