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Bike, Book and a Garden!

Oh my goodness. Can I contain my excitement???


I'll try to be calm, but I have three exciting things to share. Woohoo!

Okay, for the first, I went for my first mountain bike ride of the season today. Haha. You are probably not as excited as I am, and that's okay. I mean, I've been out on the E-bike either alone (check out my spring Brockway ride blog!) or with my little man almost everyday. But the trails -- the trails are different.

It's already June! I'ts been so hot and buggy that I didn't dare try to pedal up a hill. And nobody made me. But today I made me.

Mountain biking can be a dangerous sport. It has the potential for high impact falls. I have had several in my life. But last year, I got two concussions, and I compounded those head injuries further by crashing during snowboarding on Mt. Bohemia... and canoeing and other things. Oy!

Turning into a vegetable-like person is no longer an option. I had to quit some of those activities for a bit. People need me.

So I was nervous to ride the trails this spring. Especially by myself. But I took a tame trail that I absolutely love (Ma Maki to Say Hello and down Cabin Life and Garden Brook), and had a blast!

No injuries. Just a confidence boost. I'm so happy! My body and soul really needed that!

I did not bring my camera, so I have no pictures or video. I mean... when will I learn? Ha! I took today's adventure for me, I guess. I could keep my focus on the trail then. What a gift!

And I am still here to tell you about the other super exciting things!!! I don't even know if I can type it! This blog is the first platform I am sharing it on, so you will be one of the first to pre-order... my new book!!! If you pre-order, you get a chance to win a free wildflower walk for 1-4 people when you are in the Harbor. Bonus!

If you haven't already heard, this book is called "In the Dirt - A Novel about Being Human." My beta readers thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a real page-turner. What else would you expect?

Here's a link to the pre-order page and book info. Books should be ready to ship before June is over. This feels amazing in my bones!!!

Speaking of dirt... I got my garden in! Yes!!!

As you can tell by the bugnet, they were in full force. But look at that accomplished smile! A few other friends were out planting too. It was a magical experience for me... especially after spending the winter deep in a story about a community garden. A big thanks to Clyde and Lloyd Wescoat for offering this space for us to ground, grow food and, well, get dirty. It's a sanctuary.

I guess I won't stop the fun just yet. If you haven't already listened, the latest podcast episode with Forrest Fill was quite entertaining. You can check that in episode # 9 here.

And Brady P has two more days of school after this! Many days of trampoline jumping, hiking, E-bike cruising, wave-watching, family visiting, ice cream eating, tee ball hitting, hug giving, music watching, swimming and, well just plain freedom and sunshine are ahead. I know. We are very fortunate. I am grateful for our life together in this beautiful place everyday.

See you soon!

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