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Cedar Tree Mission

It is magically perfect outside. That's where I spent most of my day. I just got a chance to write to you. Got to get the outside things done before those blackflies chew us to pieces!

Because it's going to happen.


That's why today is so magical!

Besides that, B and I tried something new today. As we walked to school, he started to be a little stinker and walk toward the shore. I mean, who could blame him? But he knew our goal was the front door of the school.

I reminded him of this a couple times on our way. He is so in the moment that he's easily sidetracked.

He's also stubborn.

This morning he was so stubborn about heading toward the shore that I had to pick him up (because I still can) and very seriously remind him that we are walking to the front door of the school or we will not walk to school. We will drive.

He doesn't like to drive to school, so that's motivation.

Something was a little different today, though. I could tell that he didn't want to acquiesce to my request. He didn't want to be told what to do while I micromanaged.

So I thought of another idea.

Freedom and independence.

"Okay, then," I said. "Here's your choice. You walk to the front door of the school with me or by yourself."

"By myself," he answered.

"Take your backpack, then!" I put it on his shoulders.

We bade each other adieu, and he walked the rest of the block to school. He kept looking back to see where I was. Once his back was turned, I hid behind a cedar tree in the park.

He was so precious to watch.

He lallygagged and looked at the ground, but he kept moving forward for the most part. One of the neighbors greeted him as he walked up the drive to the school.

I had time to really think about that.

His independence.

He knew what he was doing. He's eight years old. He's easily side-tracked, but he knew his mission. I watched him walk up the stairs to the front door of the school. He did it.

He did it!

All by himself!

I was really proud. It was a small step, but we have to start somewhere. So far, so good.

It's easy trying his independence early in the morning during the spring. There are not many people or cars out.

I guess we'll hone this and try to set him up for future successes.

Because he is eight. He is a big boy, as he says. He wants to do things on his own, and I need to trust him. I can certainly work on that from behind a cedar tree.

It's also great wave-watching weather. Thanks, Esa, for getting this shot from our weekend beach bum day!

I sure hope you don't get bored with pictures of him watching the waves. He sure doesn't get bored doing it. He can do it for hours!

Do something you love today. See you next time!

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