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Here We Go

Sorry I missed you yesterday.

I shake my head because I sat down to start writing yesterday morning. I was going to tell you how sunny and warm Arkansas was. But it was also sunny and warm here, so B and I hung out in the fresh air for a few hours. Can you blame us?

And here we are today.

I mean, look at this lovely beach action at the mouth of Fanny Hooe Creek!

Shark on the beach!!!

You can see a young man fishing in the creek in the background there. I didn't see him catch anything, but it's possible. We also saw a group of kayaking fisherman on the beach for lunch when we got there. I don't know if they caught anything either. But people were out!

Ha! There's your fishing report!

I can't believe how much snow melted in one week. It must have been consistently warm here for that to happen. It's much appreciated though, after living in 70-degree weather down south. More snow to come, though. Not surprising, but these days, it doesn't last.

Next month is May, and the town will come alive! Can you believe it???

You know what's crazy? Winter always feels so long until it's over. Then we all feel that pang of anxiety as we know our town will soon be shared with thousands of people.

Even after 17 years, I am still getting used to it.

But balance is always necessary. One thing I realized in Arkansas is how solitary my life is up here. Everyday it's me and Brady. Brady and me. I'll see a couple people if I venture to the general store. Haha. Then I always have so much to say!

And on sunny days, we'll run into a passerby. Sometimes Esa comes up on the weekends. Otherwise, it's me during the day and Brady and me during the evenings.

I intentionally repeated that. Do you live that way? Do you like it?

I think we need more of a people balance in our life. I'll work on that. Good talk. Thanks.

But yeah, May will shift that balance astronomically. Then I look for places to get away from people for a minute. There are still places here!

Ooh! Want to know something cool and exciting?

I am opening an art gallery!

Yes! You can walk right in, look at my art, see my podcast studio and chat with me and Brady if he is around. I'm really excited about this! I probably won't have it ready until June or July, but it's happening this summer, baby!

I'll keep you updated when it opens. I think we're already on Google Maps. Come visit this summer!

Shark Boy says "Thumbs up" to that!

I will have another Snack Break Sessions video ready by this afternoon. From our adventure yesterday. Tune in again soon!

Happy spring for real this time!

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