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High Frost

Two weeks ago, Grammy Linda came up, so I got a break from my little guy.

I went to the "big town" to see my love. We had a lovely dinner on Saturday evening.

The next day we decided to walk up the hill from his house. Now, imagine being on 41 down past the curve in Hancock and walking up. How far can a person go?

Well, the further up we got, the more moisture hung in the air and frosted the trees. It was so magical!

Here is a small pine tree on our way to the top. Just look at those trees in the background! (Photos by Esa)

This second photo is what the trees were like at the top of the ridge by Quincy Mine. The branches were so heavy, they were drooping!

I enjoyed licking the frost off the needles like a giraffe. Esa thought it was comical. Ha!

Once we got to Quincy Mine, Esa asked, "Want to walk to the ski hill?" We were already upon the ridge!

I was a bit reluctant, but it was so lovely out that it was a quick extra half mile.

But here's some advice. If you love to ski or snowboard, don't climb to the top of a ski hill without your snowboard or skis. What a tease! We didn't even have a sled!

So back down the mountain we walked. But we did come into a neat valley with a running stream. It was pretty in there too.

What a nice adventure at the south side of the island!

Oh, and just a couple days before that, I saw people ice skating on the Portage Canal. What a beautiful sight! And me without my skates.

Whelp, you can't win 'em all.

Still no real ice on the harbor here. We do have snow in the woods, but it sure seems volatile.

I hope you are well.

Here's the link to our latest podcast episode. It's from my girl Hannah who grew up at the Laughing Loon. Ever been there? I bet you have! Enjoy!

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