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Hit the Ground Running

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Hey, you!

Are you excited for spring? Me too!

I'm kind of banking on the groundhog and all this sunshine we've been getting to prove that spring is actually on its way. I know we'll have a couple more blizzards, but that's part of living in the Yoop!

Let me tell you a little bit about my winter.


Do you know why I moved up here in the first place? To snowboard at Mount Bohemia. Yup. I was a ski bum. Then I got a job. Then I established a residency and a career. Then I had a baby who is now five years old.

I don't snowboard as much anymore. This year I got to ride the hill one time. One time in the last two years, I got out. Better than nothing! (It was amazing, by the way.)

If you've been reading my posts throughout the years, you also know that I love to snowshoe, ice skate, cross-country ski, crawl up and slide down dangerous places like Brockway Mountain, etc.

Most of that was before I became a (now single) mother of a small boy. He's amazing. But he doesn't really like winter.

This winter, I have laced up my skates once and skated on an indoor rink. I have not even taken my cross country skis off the rack. I haven't even touched my snowshoes.

What is happening to me???

I'll tell you what. I'm a mother, landlord and a home owner all on my own. I shovel and snowblow for exercise. On the days when I haven't had to move snow, I just rejoice and get on with the day. Snowblowing is surprising a lot of work. I spend at least an hour with that beast of a machine, and come in dripping in my own sweat. It's kind of like a sauna! A gassy, noisy sauna....

But, for some reason, the winter hasn't included adventuring.

I really have no excuses. I mean, I got a new job, and I've been working to keep up with daily tasks at home, but I have really done nothing besides move snow this winter.

Well, something changed today, and I think I know what it is.

After the school bus left with my little boy in it, I walked down to the Harbor Haus beach in my pajama pants and untied boots with my camera.

The sun was rising, and I couldn't resist!

Here you go!

Sunrise 3/3/2020

For some reason, on the way back up the hill, I decided to go for a run. The roads are clear and dry, and I haven't had an exercise routine since the fall -- rollerblading, running and biking. Oooh, I can almost taste it!

If you remember, I usually hate running. I do it for punishment. Well, today was a day to spit out 16 loogies of winter goo and sweat my buns off. Punishment it was!

I layered up, put on my headphones and hit play on my Pandora Club/Dance Radio station.

Down the driveway I ran. Up the hill in front of the Gas Lite I ran. All the way up the hill, past the boat launch, I ran. I ran and sang and spit and huffed and puffed until I got to the lighthouse overlook area.

It was amazing!!!

Then I ran across the highway and across Fanny Hooe Creek. I hit the ski trails because, well, they were totally runnable. I laughed when I realized it seriously was my first time out on the trails all winter.

And I was in my running shoes!

Here's a cool shot from Lake Fanny Hooe.

I thought the light reflecting in somebody's icy ski tracks was pretty cool.

And then I sang, danced, walked and jogged back home.

It was a little slice of magic, let me tell you. It was like I came out of hibernation!

I know, I know. It's not really spring yet, and I shouldn't get my hopes up. But, hey. They're up. And that's where I want them to stay. This sunshine and longer days have given my spirit new life.

Don't get me wrong, I actually had a fabulous winter. I was never bored or felt stuck inside or like it would never end. It's been great!

But I see this seasonal shift on happening and my soul is ready. I hope yours is too!

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1 Comment

Mar 04, 2020

I love reading what you created. You created a great day. Wish I could describe more to you/for you but I get a tad lost in my thoughts. But again I love reading what you create. Thank you Lady.

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