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How to Be Weird

Either something is wrong with me, or it's wrong with most of the rest of the world.

I have never felt comfortable "in the box." I prefer to make a scene. I enjoy getting a rise out of people. And, quite honestly, I really don't care if people think I have a screw loose when they see me do a cartwheel across Highway 41 (because, really... how many highways can you do cartwheels across without getting smacked by a car?).

When I was in elementary school, I was labeled as "weird." Yup. That's right. It started way back then.

"You're weird, Amanda." The kids would tell me on the playground.

But for some reason, I liked it. Nobody else was weird like me. So I felt that was my special gift. And I wanted to share it.

"Thanks!" I replied. "I can teach you how to be weird too. For half a penny a day!" Even at that sweet deal, I had no takers.

But here I am as an adult, still hearing people tell me I'm weird. Whether they say it endearingly or not, I still take it as a compliment. It's my gift!

So today, I'm going to give you a couple secrets about how you can do it too. Why is it important? Because thinking and acting from your heart help to create new pathways in your brain, so that you are more creative, able to entertain yourself with just yourself and learn to say yes to what you love and no to what you loathe.

I am walking proof. Here are some examples:

1) The other day I went for a hike along the path by Lake Fanny Hooe and did my usual loop. I have been doing that a lot lately between (or in) the raindrops, and that day I wanted to switch it up. So I grabbed one of my dance ribbons and twirled that sucker for a mile. I alternated arms, came up with new moves and just plain had a fun time.

Ribbon twirling next to Lake Fanny Hooe

2) When I'm at home, I often wear one of those rubber exercise bands around my thighs, so when I walk or stretch or dance around the house, I have more resistance. My muscles work harder, and I am just going about my day. When I take it off, everything is easier!

3) Right now I am reading a book called Warrior Goddess Training~Become the Woman You Are Meant to Be by Heatherash Amara. No fantasy fiction or novels for this girl. I'm all about learning how to be the best me! Here's a quote I really like from it:

Speak your truth, man! It's YOURS!!! And nobody else can do it for you.

4) I already told you that I like to do cartwheels across the highway. Or down long corridors in motels and hospitals. So far nobody has arrested me!

5) I also like to crash wedding dances. Just the dance. I'll go boogie with the crowd, making sure I know the bride and groom's names. Then when the bride walks up and asks me what I'm up to, I'll just say, "Kim! Congrats! I just came here to dance!"

And, so far, 100% of the time, the bride replies, "Awesome! Get yourself a beer!"

So those are just a few things that people might think are weird/outside the box/a little out of line/etc. They all stem from things I love to do.

My dad, for some strange reason (see, now I am calling him weird!) likes to sing in an operatic voice. And he is really good at it! Maybe deep down he wants to be an opera singer. Whether that's really a dream of his or not, doesn't matter as much as the fact that he does it. At least at home when I was a kid.

Now how could he turn that into boldness? He could sing while he walks down the street. After people got used to it, he could probably find a corner to sing on with a hat out in front of him for people to throw money into. Bam! Instant side job doing something he loves.

What do you love to do?

What is the strangest thing you enjoy doing? (Please, we are only condoning behavior that doesn't harm yourself or others.). Now how can you boost that just a bit in your daily life to make it meaningful or profitable? How can you start to spread this pattern of thinking to other aspects of your life? How can you make all the areas of your life authentic? How can you add variety and spice to each day?

No matter where you are starting from on the weird spectrum, there's always an envelope to push. Don't limit yourself. And please, don't let anyone else limit you either!

Now go out there and raise some eyebrows!

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