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It's Beginning to Look a lot like...


Saturday was the first day it felt like winter. And you know what? It was a novelty!

We waited over a month for it, and when B and I went out for our afternoon galavant, I stopped and said, "Wait! I actually get to shovel!"

He wanted to help, of course, so we pushed the big yellow blade around together. (Now his purple shovel is back in action for use.) It was such a strange feeling. Usually the act of shoveling is habitual and burdensome at times. But that day, it was fun!

And we took our first sled ride around town.

I forgot how much of a workout it is to drag him through the snow. But it was glorious!

And it snowed all day! Every time I looked out the window, I thought, "It finally looks like winter!"

Winter snow has its own hue of gray from the lake effect squalls. It has variegations of light and dark throughout the sky. And it has a fuzziness from flakes in the air along with a crisp reflection of a perfectly white and reflective covering below.

Yes, winter has its own look and feel. I didn't realize it so clearly until it was supposed to be there, and it wasn't.

And it's been snowing every day since! The flakes are fine and the ground is currently a bit moist, but it still looks and sounds like winter.

We'll take it!

If you need something upbeat and positive to listen to, check out the latest episode with the lovely and talented Gail English! We had a great time together. She is something!

Whelp, I hope you are doing well. Let it snow. It's pretty fun when we're not already tired of it. Ha!

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