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It's Still Winter (with Photo Proof)


Even though this winter has been... well... mild, it's still winter!

I skied in the woods three days ago and went out walking on the Fanny Hooe ice the last two. I love being out on that lake because I get all the views I can't get from the shores.

Like this one from this morning's sunrise facing east.

And this one from my ski facing west.

Look how drab that picture is. I even "enhanced" it, but it still looks black and white! That's how our days (weeks... months???) have been.

Living in black and white and gray.

Until today!

I chased the sunrise at Fanny Hooe because we finally had one, and it was so enlivening.

Then I followed it to the Harbor Haus dock and I was amazed at the color!

Don't get too excited. It wasn't really that colorful. But compared to the photo above, it looked like this to my weary eyes.

Yes, that is enhanced with saturated color because that is how my heart took it. And it looks like we will get sun all day, so there are colors everywhere! Never take that for granted if you live somewhere where the sun shines!

B and I got out this weekend to the creek. We took a picture of each other under the weathering shore. I was proud of him for trying to take a picture in the cold. It's not straight, but he got his fingers out of the shot.

Then he just wanted to play restaurant and house at a picnic table. That's a new thing for him. Not my idea of a shore visit, but I obliged. He makes great pretend food. Ha!

One more picture for you. This is always an interesting phenomenon at Fort Wilkins campground. I don't think I even need to describe it.

Remember, it's still winter. Winter enough!

Oh, by the way, I'm finally getting into a good flow writing In the Dirt 2. It's so fun to watch how my characters interact when I put them in the scene. I can't wait to share it with you when it's finished!

See you in a couple weeks!

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Doug Johnson
Doug Johnson
31 de jan.

Two treats today: our future restaurateur and the working author on breaktime. Love 'em both.

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