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Maybe We Need Helmets

Boy, we were all over the place this last week, but I'm going to stick to today's adventure.

The day was beautiful and sunny. The 30mph winds finally died down.

Braeden got home from school three and a half hours early, so I wanted to take him on a hike.

"Where should we go today?" I asked him and gave a few choices.

"Let's think," he said, tapping his index finger to his lip and waiting until I did the same. "Aha! The sea! S-E-A. Manganese!"

"Wow, that's a great idea!" I shouted. "I didn't think of that place."

I was really excited about a trip up there. It's been a while, and who knows what the lake was like? Medora is frozen over. Fanny Hooe is partially frozen. Lake Superior? Psshht. Still rockin those waves.

Well, here is what Manganese had today.

We started our usual hike along the shore, but I am a sucker for shiny ice, so I ventured out a bit.

"Mummy, stop! It's not safe!" my land dweller announced.

"This is pretty good ice. Want to try it with me?" I asked as I slid around in my boots. Oh, I love doing that!

He came out to join me, and pretty soon, we were both sliding though he was falling pretty much everytime he tried.

"Maybe we need helmets for this!" I said, hoping I didn't fall too.

Here is little man before he tumbled down. He was having a blast whether he was sliding himself or watching how far I could go.

How far could I go? Here is a link to the Patreon video for the answer.

After all that fun, we returned to the land and hiked around. He crawled up this bridge like it was a ladder. But it is a steep one! I took the ground instead.

What a man.

It was a lovely day, and we sure had fun. I guess those half days at school are good for something... as long as the weather is good!

Thanks for reading!

If you don't see a post each Wednesday, don't worry. I might switch to posting on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month (opposite the podcasts). I hope that works for you. I have a lot going on!

If you are around this Saturday, come to our annual Winter Wonderfest! It's one of the locals' favorite events of the year. It starts at noon at the Marnier North. You'll find art vendors (including me!), a bake sale, a magic show (at 1pm), Santa (at 4pm, I think) and the grandiose lighting of the Donny Kilpela Jr. Memorial Park right across the street at 6pm.

I'm not a huge fan of Christmas, but I love colorful lights and people in good spirits. I hope to see you there!

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Michael Ager
Michael Ager
Dec 14, 2023

A glorious cover photo! I wish I was there to slide

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