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Merry Dairy

Now that I have a child who is obsessed with animals, I notice how many more cows and horses we pass as we drive through Wisconsin. Because we have to find them all. Ha!

We left the UP last week and went to northwest Wisconi. Then we drove south and west to my parents' place. On our way we saw lots of cows, horses and even sheep! But I had to stop at my favorite cheese place on our way across Hwy 29. And somebody had to see the giant cow up close.

The other side of the cow says "CHEESE" and it faces the highway. Braeden was pretty awed by this cow and its calf.

Then he had to get his picture taken with the snowmen. He fit right in.

We made it to our Christmas destination on Christmas Eve. Then we had a special visitor.

He was pretty excited, all right! And as I looked at his pile of gifts containing trivia flashcards, state capital cards and several books, I realized what a nerd he really is. Ha! But that's okay. I love that smart little nerd. His memory skills are quite impressive.

He got to visit some goats and swim in a pool and play bat and ball in the yard, so he's having a good time. So am I.

We'll be back to the harbor soon, and I don't think we'll even have to shovel. Pretty crazy, but it's true.

I'm going to get back to my family.

Happy holidays. I hope you're with someone you love.

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1 Comment

Fun post. Wonder is such a beautiful response to the world. Hope Braedon's and your's persist forever.

Last podcast was a treat, too. Now I'm duty-bound to keep a close eye on their regular appearance.

Best holidays!

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