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Mount Baldy Hike

Boy. Lots goes on in a week.

There's lots to say, but lets start with the best news first.

Brady. Loves. School.

Loves it!

And school loves him!

He is already a celebrity there! We had his IEP meeting (Individualized Education Program) on Friday, and I was blown away not only with how well they implement the resources to best serve his needs, but that they are so charmed by him.

I know. He is a charmer! He works his way into a person's heart on his first approach. But every person at this meeting (therapists, special ed teacher, general ed teacher, principal -- everyone) had a special story to share about him. At least one.

A couple people teared up at how awesome he is. And they are right. He is awesome!

He still gets up excited to go to school. I mean, it's before 6am, and he tells me good morning and gets out of bed and does all the things before getting on the bus. No fuss. He comes home full of stories and energy.

It blows my mind to see how much people energize him. I think that's the biggest thing. People=energy for Brady P. It's evident by how he goes through a crowd asking everyone's name. His teacher said he knows more of the students' names than she does! She loves it!

So if you ever wonder how the big transfer went, just know that it's great, and it was time. I hope he doesn't make us move to a big city! He can go to one when he's an adult and live with 100 cats like he says. Ha!

He also wants to be the president someday. I am not surprised. I am more surprised at the fact that he taught himself all the presidents' names in order from Washington to Biden. He almost has them memorized. He is still working on it.

That kid.

While he was in school yesterday, I hiked to the top of Mt. Baldy with a dear friend. More officially, it's called the Helmut and Candis Stern Preserve. Aye carumba! What a trek that is! I haven't done it in years.

If you're not familiar, the trailhead is near Eagle Harbor. Then you hike 3 miles east up the hill and top out facing Brockway Mountain. Then it's 3 miles back down to the car. Oy, I was feeling my age by the time we reached the car!

But it was so fun. And scenic. Here are some pics!

Me feeling the breeze at the top

Then, panning from south to east to north...

Nice color in the valley!

Looking toward Mt. Brockway. Bohemia and Bear Bluff on the horizon.

Her Majesty! Also Lake Upson and Lake Bailey.

On the trail before we hiked back down. Facing west.

Right in the middle, you can see the village of Eagle Harbor!

The wind was whipping pretty good from the south, casting a warm breeze. Also making it too noisy when I took a video. I covered the microphone with a windsock, but the ripping was louder than my dialogue. Yikes!

Pics will do, though. Doesn't it look fantastic?

Brady will have to have adult-sized legs before I take him on this trip. It's not for whiny people. Ha! No way I'm carrying him on that hike!

Okay, now for some awesome updates!

For the first, I just released an interview with Dan Harri. He is the head chef and part owner of the Harbor Haus restaurant. You can find that in episode #16 here. You can also note that A Fresh Air Inspired Life is now available on Spotify! So if that's your usual player, load it up! And feel free to interact!

All my books, this blog and a new feed are now available on Goodreads! So if you use Goodreads to track your reading, you can now review my books as I am a certified author on their site. Yes!

And here is the bonus for making it all the way to the bottom.

CHV has a Patreon page! Check it out here! You'll find the Patreon Perks video and the first public post! And if you seriously want to support my endeavors, you can sign up for $5 a month (peanuts!) to access exclusive behind-the-scenes content from each podcast, video and other fun things! Right now I'm into sunrises, if you haven't noticed.

I will continue to do this blog, most videos and the podcast for free because I believe in that. But in cast you didn't know, I'm the explorer, photographer, writer, spokesman, producer, editor, marketer, repair man, etc. for all this to happen.

If all the people who love blog Wednesday and podcast Tuesday sign up, this can be more than a hobby. And if you sign up by November 1st, you'll get a behind-the-scenes blurb for each of the past podcast guests too. I mean, how fun is that?

Really now. You can show Brady P and me that this work is important to you. And that would mean the world to us. Thanks!

Here is a picture from today's sunrise at Hunter's Point!


See you on Patreon!

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