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Mr. Independence

Brady and I had an interesting time at Hunter's Point last weekend. It's one of the few places we can go with assured safety, so we went there! And we were the only people! I don't think that has ever happened before.

He loooooves to sit right down here and watch the waves. It is truly one of the places in the world that I can't tear him away from until he is ready.

And I know this.

But I didn't want to sit on the shore. I wanted to hike.

Knowing that "Brady! Let's go hike now!" only results in "Almost, Mom," means I don't even ask anymore.

Because it's not his idea, he is not ready.

I decided to try something new.

"Braeds. I'm going to hike to the next beach. Come find me when you're ready!" I said.

"Okay, Mom," he answered.

But at the next beach over, I couldn't see him, so I climbed up a boulder and spied on him from behind some bushes. It took maybe one minute before I saw him get up and walk toward the trail.

One minute! Amazing!

So I hopped down from the boulder to act nonchalant on the beach below.

A moment later he appeared.

"Here I am, Mom! I'm brave." He said.

"You are brave!" I echoed.

Aha! Now we were getting somewhere! He just showed me that he felt independent, able to move about when he was ready, brave and, well, motivated by my absence.

After we watched the waves from that beach for a moment, he announced. "I'm going to the next beach, Mom. Come find me."

Ha! See? Now he feels in control! He's working on his independence in a safe way. It was pretty cool.

I "found" him a bit later, and then we hiked the trail. Like, really hiked! He lead the way with gusto!

Do you know what I usually forget? How magical Hunter's Point is. The terrain varies so much in a few yards. From roots, to climbing rocks to baseball-sized rocks to bouncy ball-sized rocks. Under these cedars. Past curved cedar trunks. Along the narrow passage where the water is on both sides.

It's whimsical.

Suddenly, Brady made for the harbor side and otter slid toward the shore.

My little otter.

I joined him, and we hung out there for a while. The contrast of the north and south shores gets me every time. It's like two different worlds within a few steps. And I sure love sharing it with him!

My little independent man.

A couple days ago I got out in the morning for a hike. I even bopped down to the Harbor Haus dock and got this shot.

Not necessarily stunning, but it's the truth.

And the truth is also important.

Hey! If you are reading this punctually, there's a few more days until giving Tuesday! I just released an episode featuring Michael H. Babcock of Copper Shores Community Health Foundation.

What an awesome organization and a swell guy. You'll enjoy our interview here. Give if you can. Your donation gets matched, and that feels so good!

If you like this blog and podcasts, you can also give a little on our Patreon or our tip cup. I would hope that feels good too. Thank you.

I hope you eat too much tomorrow and don't feel guilty. Also, remember to be grateful everyday you are alive, safe, fed and hydrated. You've got it made.

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