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Never a Dull Moment

Hey hey!

Happy Solstice! The days get shorter from here for a few months. I'll try to be okay with that. I mean, we only have about 5 hours of actual darkness between sunset and sunrise. Five hours is better than none, though!

In case I left a cliff hanger, Brady's heart appointment was fantastic last week. The cardiologist said the leakage in the mitral valve (the high pressure valve) seemed to be even less than the last time. That's so great for our family to hear. We are hoping his surgery will last his whole life!

And he absolutely charmed the nurses and doctor. He is so polite, patient, smart and funny. I think he always surprises people when they first meet him. I feel like he is a wizard disguised in a little body with an extra chromosome. Such an enchanting guy.

Visitor traffic is increasing this week. Even during the actual week! But school is out, and the weather has been paradise. The blackflies seem to be on the decline, so let's hope that continues.

The lake is beautiful, and life is good.

Plus, my books shipped from the printer yesterday! The original proof I received looks great! So if you pre-ordered a copy, you'll probably get it next week. Thanks for your support!

It's summer, and Brady's dad and I are on a new summer schedule for sharing. I have time to do non-mom things! So I'm painting the exterior of my house. Ha! I know, I'm so adventurous. But the CHV Gallery opens in July, and this place needs a facelift. I'll let you know the hours of operation soon, but I'm thinking Tuesday-Saturday 3-6pm. Short, but sweet!

Art in the CHV Gallery

So we've got lots of fun things going on!

There are also some other new ventures going on in town. So far, they are all awesome. I hope to report on them further in the future. But if you 're here and you see something new, try it! You might like it!

And the wildflowers are blooming! Lots of wild roses, thimbleberry flowers, gaywings, star flowers, and more! I love getting to sniff the fragrant ones and getting an eyeful of them all.

Oh my gosh. 'Did you hear the latest podcast? One of the characters from my book interviewed me. Ha! We know how to amuse ourselves.

I hope you are well. I really need to get out and paint. Have a great day!

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