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New and Hidden Gems

The Fourth of July is really a thing up here. People come from all over the county for the fireworks. There is proof in license plates.

When I woke up yesterday, it was just me. Brady is with my parents in Wisconsin and Esa was in Hancock for the night. So I went for a freedom run! I returned just in time to watch the parade, cheer for my friends and then join in the very long line at Jamsen's Bakery for a Brockway biscuit.

Waiting in line was a fun social event. I met new people and saw old friends. Kind of perfect! And the folks at the bakery did amazing because by the time we got to order, they still had all their items available on the board. Kudos to them! Preparation is key for success.

Then I walked down to the park for the fundraiser grill out put on by the CH Volunteer Fire Department. They work so hard at that.

The kid's games were really cranking in the park too! The weather was amazing for a celebration day, and my friend Elaine was running the kid's games with her megaphone.

The rest of us townsfolk agreed that she made her late Uncle Donny proud. He ran the kid's games for decades before. That's one of the reasons the park is named after him! He was really something. So is she.

Here is a video of her "training" for the kids games. It's hilarious and definitely showcases the quirkiness of people in this town. I appreciate that and the other members in their family who carry on the tradition. Way to go, guys!

Then, seemingly without warning, in the early evening, it poured. Ha!

I bet many of the visitors doubted that we would have a show, but it takes more than a passing storm to cancel the Copper Harbor fireworks. The show went on!

A big thank you to everyone who put in the effort to make this celebration so grand that it draws people from all over. That is no small task. And another thank you to all the people who are out there cleaning up today!

Happy Fifth of July, Copper Harbor! We made it!

Okay, now let's talk about something I promised you a few posts ago: New and hidden gems.

Let me start by saying that these fine ladies did not ask me to promote their goods or services. I just love them so much that I wanted to! And since they are new or hidden, I figured they could use some publicity. I am always happy to promote people who merge their passions and talents to create something for the people of this world.

These ladies are doing that.

We will start on the west end of town with, what I consider, a hidden gem. At the Brockway Inn, my friend Karen roasts and blends her own coffee beans and sells them in her coffee shop. She roasts her own beans!!! You can buy a cup already brewed, or get a bag of beans to take with you. Plus, you get to see Karen!

She's a dear.

Honestly, I have stopped drinking coffee because it makes me feel weird. Even the fair-trade, organic kind. I get a pain behind my eyes and feel like I'm floating around. Not fun.

But Karen's coffee doesn't make me feel that way, so I go there for a cup once in a while. And let me tell you, her light roast (I'm a light roast girl) is delicious and it makes me go Sha-wing!!! Look out world! It's a coffee day!

I also recommend the Taza chocolate disks she sells. It's heaven for a mouth. Karen makes art to sell and does nature photography. She also sells some other cool treasures in there. Check her out, and tell her I say hello!

In the center of town, we have a new breakfast/brunch food truck (a savior!). My friend Julie runs it. Julie has worked in the Copper Harbor restaurant business for over 20 years. I had the pleasure of working with her at the Harbor Haus for about five years. If there is one thing I would say about Julie, it's that she is on it.

Whatever it is!

She amazes me. Her culinary skills, her knack for delighting customers and her knowledge of running a kitchen are extraordinary. I don't know many people who can run a tight ship and have a good time at the same time, but Julie does it.

When you come into town and pass the Minnetonka, look to your left. You will see her big gray food truck with the name Mornin' Sunshine on the side.

Just this morning, I made a solid plan to visit at 11am because that is when she starts frying corndogs. They are happiness on a stick! I dream about them! I also love the South Western breakfast burrito. It exceeds my expectations. She makes her own salsa, and it's magnificent. I haven't tried everything yet, but her choices are sure to please.

Here are her hours and menu items.

If you're in the harbor, don't be shy. Go visit Mornin' Sunshine. It will make your day!

Once lunch and dinner roll around, we have a new and wonderful option. Also on the main drag at the east end of town, Jessica's soon-to-be-named food wagon is right outside the Brickside Brewery. Jess started making hand tossed pizzas for fundraisers a couple years ago. They were (and still are) so good, that they are at the top of her menu! The way the crust comes out so toasty really tugs at my tummy strings. And they're so gooey otherwise. Now I'm hungry!

Some days she is out there roasting peppers for her enchilada sauce. She makes her own enchilada sauce for chicken enchilada pizza and pulled pork enchilada pitas and tacos. Um, yum again! She has been really busy there, and I'm so happy for her because she puts her heart and soul into it, as she told me. It shows!

Jessica mentioned that running this food wagon puts her back into her roots when her parents ran the A&W in the harbor when she was a kid. It's really part of her!

She's got lots of great options; something for everyone! Here are her hours and menu items.

I'm really proud of all of these ladies. To me they prove how we can make a difference and make somebody else's day by doing what we love. You can tell, not only by their customer's smiles, but by their own.

Now you know the insider scoop!

I also interviewed another cool lady in the latest podcast episode. Chime in with MaryAnn here. MaryAnn cleans the restrooms at the community building, looks for rocks on the beach and has a great attitude about life.

If you get to town, come on into my new gallery! It's right behind the Brickside Brewery, and it's always 60 degrees in there!

Thanks for reading! See you next Wednesday!

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