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New Life

Wow, so there's really a lot going on right now. So much that I should only tell you one big thing at a time.

But first, Brady P says Hi!

What a cute kid. He is so full of life!

Okay, here is one more picture before you hear somthing totally unexpected.

I took this right after Brady got on the bus to go to school last week. Never did I ever think the sun would come into view before the bus comes, but it does now! Wowzers!

So no more suspenseful sunrises for me during the week because I am getting a little guy ready for the bus when the earth rotates towards its shine!


Are you ready for something jaw-dropping yet? Cuz I am slightly terrified.

I've been taking this class called Ignite, where a person can learn to be a memorable speaker and writer. I mean, that is so up my alley! But what I didn't expect is that the conclusion of this online class will be held in... yes it's somewhere in America... but it's somewhere people have actually heard of... it's Hollywood.

What??? This bumpkin is going to present on a stage in Hollywood! Not because I'm trying out for anything, but because it's just part of the class, like no big deal to probably everyone except me!

People have joined this class from all over the world! And we are all meeting where stars are made! Isn't that nuts?

I mean, I guess it makes sense, but I am slightly terrified. I travel in the beginning of June. I'll let you know how it goes, I guess!

Now back to some Amanda-y things. Look what I found out on the trail the other day!

A tiny bird skull!

Slightly morbid, but beautiful in its own right. I love how the feather is stuck to it.

And here is what a fern looks like just as it emerges from the earth. I can't tell you how excited I was to notice this! Just a little fuzzy bump! Ooh, I had to pet it!

This was a couple weeks ago, so now most of these little bumps have turned to fiddleheads. Yum!

New life. You gotta love it!

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Hollywoooood! How exciting. Will ya tell them anything about The Dirt? Perhaps new episodes? New characters? Fans want to know! I know you'll break a leg.


Michael Ager
Michael Ager
5 days ago

I love the cute and suave look of Brady with his cool hat!

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