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Not by Chance

So... what are the odds that Mom (me) goes somewhere new and has an amazing life changing experience, and then two weeks later, Brady goes somewhere new and does the same thing?

I don't think that happens by chance.

Take that for what you will because here's what's happening with Brady.

I'd be lying if I said I actually knew what was happening with him. Ha! I've received zero correspondence from camp (but I check the mail each day in hopes of a postcard!). And the people at the camp say "No news is good news," so I've been hopeful.

But then I see this picture from the camp's facebook page (which I've also been watching for any sign of life).

And there he was...

On their page, just captured in the moment.

Now you can tell this is just a screenshot, and I zoomed in and all that, but do you see what I see?

I see vibrance, purpose and joy bursting through his smile that cannot be cropped, filtered or faked. That is ONE HAPPY KID right there!

He's getting the chance to spread his wings, and he is absolutely loving it!

Okay, now I am just assuming this all from one picture. Like I said, I haven't heard a peep otherwise. But he looks like a new man. A man that a mama can't teach or reach. A man that has to go do something new -- something difficult -- something wildly purposeful in order to grow.

And I am so proud. Because, like I said in my last post... I just did the same thing. Think about when we come together after this!

What are the possibilities???

He has six more weeks to blossom at therapy camp, and I have six more weeks to start my new ghostwriting company, The Cheeky Scribe! I can't say will be unstoppable after this, but we'll definitly be on the next level of our journey!

We're doing it together, yet apart.

And that is not by chance.

If you are in a hot zone in this country, come on up. It's been a litte chilly here. Rainy and chilly. I still can't even plant in my garden plot because it's more like a bog.

Seriously, right now on this Wednesday afternoon, the Weather Channel says it's 51 degrees and partly cloudy.

Just sayin.

It's also not too busy up here yet which has been a break from the last few Junes.

But Esa and I got out for a fun hike down Jacob's Falls! Here is a quick selfie from the gorge on the way down.

You really get perched on some cliffs through there! So fun!

Oh geez and please check out our latest podcast episode from Jeff and Kathy about the 2024 lineup for Performances in the Park!

And one more bit of information... if you get to the Mornin Sunshine food truck in the middle of this town, try a whipped latte. Not only is it refresthing and creamy like ice cream on a hot day, it straps a rocket to your back to get through the day like a champ! I can't even eat a whole one in one day because they're so powerful. When you try one for yourself, let them know I recommended it.

Have a wonderful day!!! Blast off!!! Ha!

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What glorious events, Amanda! Hard to squash into a comment my excitement over your California experience and Braeden's camp experience. Both life-changing, both hugely positive. Looking forward to more news about "The Cheeky Scribe."

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