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Perpetual Birthday Boy


You know, we really had some nice extended weather there. Sunny, calm and hot even for a few days.

It's funny to talk to the other locals about it. We always seem surprised, but we know we shouldn't be. One day we had our windows open and clothes on the line and the next day we were battened with the heat running.

So, sudden cold (like in the 40's) with high winds and drizzles and rain (even hail!) don't make for much adventure weather. However, I got a wild hair on Saturday, bundled up with my winter helmet and ski goggles and buzzed around on the e-bike.

I love going up on those dirt roads by Clark Mine and Estivant Pines. Not much traffic out there and lots to explore! Next time I'll try to bring a navigational device, so I can find out where some of these seemingly random trails lead to.

Brady is feeling better. Whew! Just in time because his birthday is on Sunday. He'll be a big nine-year-old!!!

So this past weekend the Rogers were up to celebrate, and a couple weekends ago, my parents were up to celebrate. Right now we have two birthday cakes in the house. Yikes!

But Grammy Linda made his favorite cake: vanilla, chocolate, vanilla, chocolate with strawberry jam and chocolate frosting and a cherry on top. That grammy. She nailed it. Even gluten and dairy free!

And he remembers we still have cake. Once I tell him he can have a piece, he eats his supper faster. Ha! Then he makes me put a candle in it and sing! Every time. Even when it's just us.

I don't mind. I know he should be celebrated everyday, and if that little moment makes him feel special, he can have it.

Every time.

Until we run out of cake!

Perpetual birthday boy with cake number one made my Mama

It's funny because I decided not to throw him a party this year because, well, 9 is not really a dynamic year to celebrate in my mind. But then everyone comes up at different times to celebrate.

Because, like I said, he is worth it.

And on his real birthday, we'll probably have to celebrate again!

I hope you find something to celebrate today!

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I interview the world-famous trail builder, Aaron Rogers, who is also Braeden's dad. Aaron got a little teary when we talked about Brady, but I'll let you listen for yourself.

See you when we officially have a nine-year-old!

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1 Comment

Michael Ager
Michael Ager
Oct 15, 2023

Happy Birthday BradyP! 🎂 your unconditional love is contagious 💞

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