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Quarantine Road Trip

Well, we made it through a bout of summer Covid. All three of us. Whew!

After a few days of trying to keep a small-hugging child away from other people (while still getting out in the fresh air), I knew I had to devise a plan. A plan to get us somewhere warmer (Saturday was chilly on the north shore), someplace away from other people and somewhere we could get food outside.

Luckily, even in my brain fog, I found something that would work all around.

Road trip!

Our first stop was Sundae in the Park in Mohawk. We ordered at the drive thru and drove a couple miles to Seneca Lake on Cliff Drive for a picnic. I couldn't really taste my reuben, but it had good texture. Ha! Esa was still to queasy to really to eat anything at all, but he tried the chicken. Brady was voracious and ate his hot dog without a word.

Check that off the list!

Brady found the hiking trail at Seneca Lake. The trail goes around the whole lake, but we did not. Our fearless leader showed us the way. We all really liked it there; the foliage was lush and different than up here.

And, of course, we had to play a couple rounds of hide-and-seek.

Found you!

Brady is still at the phase where he doesn't think he is visible behind a small tree if he closes his eyes. Ha!

Then he ran out onto the dock to check out the lake itself.

The dock at Seneca Lake

Soon we were ready to go to the Big Lake. I figured that, with the wind from the north, the south side would be calmer and warmer.

Oh man. It was!

Do you know where we went?

Brunette Park!

Before Esa and I even got out of the vehicle, Brady was in his happy place, twitching away with the waves.

He stayed in that exact spot until I got rambunctious and stood on that log and squealed. He joined me.

Feeling the waves on our feet!

We did this for quite a while. I can't tell you how much we needed it. We were warm, near the lake, to ourselves and feeling free. After a few days in quarantine, a person tends to feel a bit trapped in their own home.

But this was perfect.

That east shore of the Keweenaw is pretty captivating. We had a great day.

And now we are all better, so we can have more adventures with Mother Nature. Hooray!

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