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Silver River Exploration

Once in a great while, we get an actual sunrise. The dawn has been pretty bleak these days.

Plus, if you're in Copper Harbor, you have to go to Lake Fanny Hooe (or Brockway, I suppose) to watch it come up. Not too shabby, though!

I love it when the morning sun lights up the trees! This is from the just east of the Lighthouse Lookout beach.

The foreground is in shadow, but Porter's Island and the creek trees are lit up! Pretty special, if you ask me.

This past weekend, once we could convince Braeden to go for a new hike, we went to the Silver River! They posed at the new bridge for me.

We decided to walk down the flow of the river after I couldn't remember where the other trail went. Ha!

It was enchanting! Brady and I liked to hang out right in it when we could.

And here is a view looking back up at the bridge.

It was really lovely and peaceful there. Can you believe I have never wandered down there before? Geez. It made me feel like a kid. I would have loved to have a place like that to play in growing up.

We wandered as far down as we thought appropriate. It looked like other animals called it their home once the water stopped moving, so we hiked back up.

At a fallen birch tree, we crossed to walk up the other side. I promised Brady we would cross. Plus, I wanted to!

Esa helped him across. Those boys have my heart.

We all made it!

But further up, B and I wandered into the falls area again, and, well, he stepped in the water. He was okay. His plastic orthotics kept his foot pretty dry!

And on our way home, we buzzed over Brockway Mountain. I think we saw two other cars up there. We had to do it because, you never know. It could be the last chance until spring! We got a new layer of snow this morning.

Oh! And I just released a new podcast episode yesterday. It's one of my favorites so far. If A Fresh Air Inspired Life isn't already in your podcast app, you can listen to it directly here. This one just poured out of my soul the day before it was due..

I hope you have a wonderful day. See you next time!

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