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Son of a Beach

This kid.

Maybe I am wrong, but I feel like most kids (and adults for that matter) have a short attention span. They will start doing one thing and often be done before it's finished.

When it comes to watching the waves on Lake Superior, Brady P can do that for hours. Hours! Even in adverse conditions.

He used to want to go to the shore to throw rocks, which he still does occasionally, but now he wants to go watch the waves. I have said this before, but they truly mesmerize him.

We took a motorbike cruise to Hunter's Point this weekend, and the waves were rockin! That's his absolute favorite. HIs body does those little spasms when the waves hit. And he gets a thrill when the splash reaches him from so far away.

Good for him.

I, on the other hand, am one of the people who don't really like to sit there for hours. If I'm tired, sure. I'll laze around and watch the waves with him. But usually I prefer to keep moving.

Luckily, this is a good time of year for me to do that.

I've started doing little out and back walks. I blow him a kiss, then walk a loop around, and like a tether ball, return to him to blow a kiss when I come back. Over and over until I get some steps in.

I do this in town too. So to all my shore-dwelling neighbors who see me wandering, I'm biding time while little man basks in his glory.

So I can bask in mine.

So far, it's a win-win. As the town gets busier and busier (and busier and busier!) I might have to change my plan.

But I can tell you that, each time we go to a beach, no matter which one it is, we are there the longest. In the summer, we watch solo people, families, dog walkers and so on come to the water, stay for a moment -- often take a picture. Then go.

We are still there. And the funniest part about this, to me, is that I still have to pry him away when I feel it's time to go. He will rarely tell me he's done unless he wants to go to another beach.

He really is something. My little son of the beach. Ha!

I hope we are doing getting snow. Sheesh!

Take care of yourself! You are the only one who truly can. And if you can't, please ask for help. Somebody out there loves you enough to help you. Xoxo!

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