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Still Smiling

Oh my goodness.

This weekend is 4th of July Weekend part 1! That's crazy!

When Independence Day falls in the middle of the week, we have two busy weekends for it. Some people come up for the first half of the week, some come the second.

I remember when I first moved here, and I realized the impact of the 4th of July in this town. It used to be the busiest day of the year, hands down. There was nothing quite like it. We even have a saying that goes, "It's like the 4th of July!"

That means recklessly busy. People everywhere. No catching up.

But now it doesn't seem quite the same. A few other weekends now challenge that day, and the amount of traffic in between is definitely stronger. It's hard to believe I have lived somewhere long enough to witness the evolution of the area. Somewhere beyond my home town.

But here I am. And I am part of that evolution!

Another thing I am sooooo grateful for is that it rained a few days leading up to fireworks day. Do you know how scary it is to live in a place where people flock to to light off fireworks when the land is so dry there's a burning ban?

Like... fearing for our lives!

It looks like we are safe this year... at least from the matchbox effect of dry land and foliage. Whew. It's really a relief. I hope whoever comes up has a fun time. Safe and fun. Ha!

I sure have created a lot of busyness for myself. I barely have time to write to you! But B and Esa and I are having a nice summer so far. We need to plan some fun adventures before it gets away from us. The days are already getting shorter!

Something lovely to note is that the irises and poppies are out. They are so whimsical.


I wonder if we can exchange some air temperatures with Texas. Sounds like they've been in the triple digits for a while now. We have had 50's and 40's even! Yikes! The other day B and I ventured out in our pretend animal fur hats. I was so chilly my fingers turned pale and numb!

But we were still smiling.

And you know what? It's really easy to smile around him. He makes my heart so happy. I just can't explain what it's like to go through all the things we have gone through together, and still be so full of joy. And gratitude.

I guess that's what life is meant to teach us.

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