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Sun Bums

In the last post I told you we were going to the beach. But do you know where we went? Florida! Right near Destin in the panhandle. Brady gets to see his dad's family during spring break, and we agreed on meeting at the beach instead of Arkansas. It's so nice when people get along!

Brady got to go to the Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park to see all sorts of sea animals! He was so excited to tell me about it. I'm so glad he got to go. He loves all animals, and they sure are different than deer and squirrels!

This was day one on the beach.

Esa and I walked that shore everyday in our bare feet. Bare feet was easier than shoes!

We checked out a giant fishing pier and noticed that herons like to scavenge there. I thought they were much more reclusive, but that must be learned behavior. How convenient to capture it just before sunset.

Arriving from the Keweenaw, we sought out hikes. Well, we did find a short one not too far away at the Mary Esther preserve. Most of the foliage was different, yet they still had giant pine trees!

We got to swim most days. Along the coast they have a flag chart and hoist flags to inform beach-goers of the water conditions. They range from green to yellow to double red, which means the beach is closed to swimming and activities.

"Wouldn't that be something to see?" I thought. I wondered how bad it had to get for them to close the beach. Well, on our last day, we found out!

Here you'll see the double red flags, an empty beach and the grand pier in the background. Oh... and a sailboat! Maybe they didn't get the memo, but I think the flags are more for the rip current. Yes, we got a banging thunderstorm that night and the couple states north of us got tornadoes, high winds and big hail. So the fact that we just got double red flags was really okay with me.

Shortly after we got home, this girl had a birthday. I got to take my boys for a hike on the Red Trail. We found a place to lounge in the warm sun.

Ahhh, just as relaxing as the beach.

I sure hope you are well!

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