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Sunrise Photo Tour


I ventured out with my camera to check on the morning light after Brady got on the bus. I was not disappointed! Come with me!

6:33am from the Harbor Haus beach.

Notice the lighthouse was blinking and you could still see a planet in the sky!

6:38am from 3rd Street Dock

Still a planet and a freighter light if you look near Gull Rock (unofficial name)

6:44am from the shore boardwalk

The Isle Royale Queen had her lights on and the engine was humming.

6:47am from the first King Copper dock

6:58am from Jamsen's Bakery beach

Gulls on the docks and geese in the water!

At that point, I watched a few more passengers loading up for Isle Royale. The bakery opened, so I got some morning snacks. So yummy!

After I ate a lovely pannukaku, I realized I had four minutes before the sun came up, so I scurried to a quieter place... back to the Harbor Haus beach.

7:20am from the Harbor Haus beach rocks

You can see the pink appearing in the clouds just above...

7:23 am

The sun!!!


Last one with a focus on the beach rocks

I hope you enjoyed that!

I sure enjoyed being out there even though it was a bit chilly. But there are worse things.

Have a great day!

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