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Super Powers

I always knew that Brady had super powers, but he just floored me twice this past week.


When he was five, we learned the names of at least one dinosaur for every letter in the alphabet. If you don't believe me, here's the video. After that, he really gravitated to learning about animals. Not your typical Fisher Price set, but all the species in all the habitats and ecosystems around the world. I mean, do you know the difference between a margay, ocelot, fishing cat, cheetah and jaguar?

Brady does.

And he loves it.

Besides learning species of the animal kingdom, he also wants to learn people's names. He does this like he is running for a political position. I beam with pride each time.

But what he did in a crowd of people the other day took it to a whole new level.

The Wild Honey Collective was playing music outside the Brickside Brewery, so we went out to watch. He was enjoying himself, but something was different. He wasn't dancing.

"I need my blue guitar," he told me.

"Umm, I don't know if that's a good idea," I replied, thinking his inability to play might screw up the sound. Shame on me.

A few minutes later, he whined, "Mom, I need my blue guitar!"

"Okay, then," I said, knowing he did not have a microphone. "Go get it!"

That was the last thing he said to me.

He ran up the steps, grabbed his guitar, flew right past me and, as he entered the Brickside outdoor seating, it hit me... he was going to join the band!

I tried to head him off, but he was on the opposite side of the lot. I looked at the drummer in a panic, but his look assured me it was okay.

Then, as Brady squeezed his way in between the two lead singers, each playing a stringed instrument, I mouthed something in a panic. She gestured it was okay.

Okay then. Exhale. It's okay.

So I relaxed. And I watched my kid be a rockstar.

I teared up watching him. He was so perfect up there. So with the rhythm. So charismatic.

My little rockstar.

They band let him play and told him what key the next song was in. I thought he would tire, so after five songs, I peeked around the fence and said, "Last song, Dove!"

"Okay, Mummy," he nodded.

Before he left the stage, he bowed. The people watching cheered enthusiastically, and I saw an adult-size amount of pride beam out of him.

To me, he was so brave. Without a second thought, and without even asking permission, he joined a real band (they are on their Michigan tour, by the way, and they are fantastic to listen to!).

I didn't realize he was quite that awesome, but now I know.

So that was the first time.

The second thing comes from his other super power -- a photographic memory. He has taken this skill to a whole new level. Once I realized his capacity for this new endeavor, I bought him a deck of 205 flashcards representing each country's flag on the front and the country's name, continent it resides in and capital on the back.

He will go through this stack and tell you the countries name for almost every flag in the world.


Who is this kid? Not only can he match the flag with the country, he knows which continent it is in and is now moving on to learning their capitals. The fact that he reads the countries names so well is also a shocker.

I stare at him with this look of amazement on my face when he rattles off the names of countries that I won't even try to spell from memory right now. It's astounding. He blushes and keeps going. And he laughs heartily as he does it.

I wonder if he knows most people can't do that.

I am curious to see how this super power benefits the world, but to see him so enthusiastic about each country shows me that he already knows we are connected. All those cards fit into the same box.

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He is quite Awesome!!!


Unknown member
Jul 13, 2023

BradyP is one special young man! I saw this group the night before and I can imagine him fitting in perfectly.


Love everything about this!

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