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So... I just came back from LA. Like this part of LA.

That was the view outside my hotel window.

I met people from all over the world at the Speak and Write conference. It blew my mind and shook my soul. It showed me my calling -- everything I have worked up to until this point -- how to step into my success while using my talents and aligning with my purpose.

Here's me with my books on the red carpet, baby!

We had a dance party after each lunch break. We bawled our eyes out several times. We shouted our truth at the top of our lungs! We cracked, we sang, we hugged and we played full out.

It was seriously amazing. I highly reccommend it. I will go back again and again because these are my people. The do-gooders of the world with great talent and big hearts. I've never ever been in a room where most of the people were there because they "Want to help save the world."

Just like me.

It makes the task less daunting.

Seriously. Magic.

I would be using more exclamation points, but I am exhausted after all that. Five nights of little sleep due to jet lag, an explosion of ideas and a catapult of ambition. I don't watch TV, so staring at two wall-sized screens while jotting notes obliterated my senses. Not to mention pouring out my soul each hour to a new person after club music just filled the room of 500 people representing 50 countries in the world.


But that's my kind of conference, I guess, because it was the best experience of my life.

I made it home yesterday morning.


As I rolled down to the blinking light, I went straight across, so I could say hello to the lake. Her Majesty, Lake Superior.

And when I stepped out of my car, I noticed the wild roses were blooming. First thing I did was sniff that rose. Second thing I did was hug the pine tree. Third thing I did was hug the cedar tree.

I looked around at all the flowers I planted to see how they were coming along. It felt like I was gone for a month, so I wondered why they didn't grow more than they did. Ha!

Then I dragged my groceries and bags up to the house and sat down. But only for a moment, because, soon after, my little man came in.

My little man...

My light through the tunnel of life.

He showed me the way to my truth first. He showed me why its so important to treat every single person like they are important.

Because they are.

And maybe they needed someone to prove that in the very moment he walks by to ask their name and shake their hand.

I wrapped him in my arms and tears rolled down my cheeks. He hugged me back with the same ferocity I gave, and I swear we were suspended in love. And gratitude. And joy.

I felt (and still feel) like a different person than when I left because I am. But I am still his mom, and I have accessed a deeper part of me that can love him even more. I will miss him dearly because he leaves for a seven week therapy camp in Big Bay this weekend.

This will be our longest time apart. By far. I will cry some more about it, but I know his light will shine so bright while he's there. He will come back a different person too.

And while he's becoming an independent young man without me, I'll be building theframework for my (and other people's) dreams.


But real.

Think big, love big and dream big, my friend.

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