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The Place to "Be"

You know the Keweenaw is a special place. It's peaceful, beautiful and quiet -- if you find the right spots!

After living here for 13 and a half years, I can say that most people come here to do something. Mountain bike, hike, ATV, motorcycle, camp, pick rocks, pick berries, etc. Whatever it is, they are doing something.

But yesterday I pedaled my bike to Hunter's Point with my son, and I saw people doing something different.

They were simply being.

I watched one woman climb to the top of one of those huge boulders and perch there, overlooking the lake with the wind blowing in her hair. A calmness fell over her being.

I looked the other way down the beach, and I saw two other people sitting in solitude, splayed out in the pebbles, staring in awe at the lake and enjoying the moment.

Just listening to the waves and the birds.

Just watching the lake breathe.

Just feeling the breeze.

Just being.

I watched them all with gratitude. They were so peaceful! Yes! YESSSSS!!!!!

They were finding peace here! Peace in their hearts! Peace in the world -- if only for a moment. They were at peace.

I could tell by their body language. Their stillness. I could just feel it.

My biggest hope is that they branded that moment into their soul, so they can take it with them, and that they invite other people here to do the same thing. Because that is something we all seek, and it gives me hope for humankind that other people can feel it too!

Copper Harbor, man. It's the place to be!

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