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Okay, I better admit this now. Wednesday is like my Saturday with no job to go to and no small child all day (but without a Sunday to follow), so I use it to catch up on all the things I can -- sometimes go to town -- yadda yadda. Well, I usually forget that its blog day too. And by then, Brady is home or I'm beat or all the above.

But it's okay! There's just a lot going on in life.

Today I went out for a hike on one of my favorite "close hikes." A close hike is a hike I can do without driving anywhere. I love my close hikes.

I chose the one I tried to take Braeden on last Saturday. We started, but when we got to the Stairway to Heaven/Garden Brook intersection behind the field, he laid on the ground.

"Oh, boy," I thought. "I don't know if we're going to make this trek now." I realized today that it's a mile and a half. Through some snow for his little legs.

He chose to go back home, so we did.

But today, I got out!

This bridge was a crossing for people, turkeys and deer. I just loved it!

I also saw wild dog and cat tracks, squirrel tracks and probably some others I don't recognize. It's so nice to be out there in the moment dreaming of who was there before me. Which way did they go? Are they still out here? What were they looking for? Where did they turn off or enter this trail?

I also like this hike for the intimate cedars. It feels so protective.

And at a couple points I stopped and listened.

To nothing.

Absolute silence. No wind in the trees. No waves tossing on the lake. No snow falling. No engines. No birds chirping.


Total silence is a rare sound, and I can only relish in is this time of year. You better believe I do!

Well, there is your moment of serenity for now. I hope it was lovely!

If you didn't already, check out our latest podcast episode. It features Scott Ochodnicky. He is currently our Grant Township supervisor, but he spoke mostly on the deep space photograpy he does because I find it fascinating. And his great grandmother lived on Isle Royale. He had some cool stories! Listen here!

Have a great day. I'll see you next Wednesday if I remember! Thanks for your patience.

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