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Walking through the Wildflowers!

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Want to go on a wildflower walk with me in beautiful Copper Harbor? You might, if you:

- Wonder, “What kind of wildflower is that?”

- Wonder, “Why are there so many weeds here?” (They are not weeds to me!)

- Wonder about edible and medicinal properties of native plants.

- Are curious about habitats of different species.

- Want to impress your friends by knowing how to quickly identify wildflowers.

- Want to feel more appreciation and connection to the world around you.

Here’s a list of some of the flowers you might see blooming on different walks.

- Late Spring Walk (June 2): Hepatica, Arbutus, Barren Strawberry, Wild Sarsasparilla, Wintercress, Honeysuckles, Starflower, Gaywings, Violets, a variety of berry blossoms, a variety of Dianthus, Speedwell, Wild lily of the Valley, Bunchberry

-Early Summer Walk (July 7): Wild Roses, Forget-me-not, Vetch, Honeysuckle, Iris, Cinquefoil, Parsnip, Meadow Rue, Blue-eyed Grass, a variety of berry blossoms, Hawkweed, Wood Nymph, Pyrola, Goat’s Beard, Daisy, Twinflower, Wood Lily, Harebells, Buttercup, Fireweed, Mullein, Vetch, Pipsissewa, Dogbane

-Late Summer Walk (August 4): St. John’s Wort, Chicory, Anemone, Bindweed, Goldenrod, Evening Primrose, a variety of actual berries, Yarrow, Jewel Weed, Healall, Aster, Mallow, a variety of mint blossoms, Cow-wheat, Black-eyed Susan

Sound like a grand ol’ time? Show up at 11am at the trailhead in the Grant Township park and bring your camera! Bring a notepad! Bring a bottle of water. I’ll take you through different habitats during different parts of the blooming season to explain what those flowers are and why they’re not just weeds!

We’ll walk at a slow pace for about two hours and traverse easy to moderate terrain. Please be prepared to ward off the sun, cool wind or bugs.

This is how excited I get about sniffing the first arbutus of the spring!

See you in the meadow!

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