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Warning! Spider Pic!

Updated: Apr 2, 2023


We found a beach!

My parents are up visiting. It's hard to stay away from Brady P for too long, you know.

The other day, while B was at school, my parents and I walked to the Lighthouse Overlook beach at the mouth of the Fanny Hooe Creek.

The creek is starting to rush, but nothing too crazy yet, as it's been too cold. And snowy. Just in time for spring. Ha!

We walked over the snow-layered edge of the beach, and lo and behold, we saw beach rocks! It's a rocky beach again! Just enough to sit there, watch the waves and chuck a few stones. Once it's not so stinkin' cold, I'll take little man out there. He'll be thrilled!

My dad took a picture of me checking out a specimen

We found a few small agates that day. My dad found "diamonds and gold." It's fun to watch my parents act like kids with a pocket full of riches. It's good for everyone to feel like that once in a while!

Then today brought two surprises.

The first one was in the bathtub. I saw it as little man was getting ready to relieve his bladder before school. He is totally into spider videos right now (quite obsessively), but to see one in real life has a different effect on him -- anyone, really.

After he left the bathroom, I caught it in a jar and brought it to him behind my back.

"Are you ready to see a wolf spider in a jar?" I asked him.

He took a deep breath and said, "Yes. I can be brave. I am brave."

Wolf spider in a quart jar-o

I showed it to him and my mom. I think they were happy it was in a jar! I was a jerk and sprinted the jar close to B for a second which prompted a squeal out of him. Then he repeated "I am brave."

He is. And so cute.

I let that one outside, got Brady to school and, knowing the wolf spider was gone, took a shower. No spiders until I dried off and saw one on my leg! Ah! I squealed in there for a bit myself, but did not get bit. Whew!

I figure it is karma for scaring my kid with the spider in a jar. Ha!

After that one got a ride outside (it was bigger than the first!) I told everyone to check their towels and the shower curtain before entering.

That was our excitement so far today. I usually only see wolf spiders in the fall, but, it is the shifting season, so anything is possible.

Actually, anything is possible at anytime, so keep dreaming, my friend!

Next week will find B and me in Arkansas, so I don't know if I'll get a chance to write that day. He gets to see his dad's family for spring break!

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