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Why CH?


As promised in the latest podcast episode about living here year-round, here is the picture from the Gas Light General Store. My, oh, my. It's really something for this little town! But like I said in the episode, Staci really loves Halloween.

"Harry" up close.

Do you know what else I mentioned (besides how we really feel)? That I would love for you to tell me why you come to Copper Harbor! Do you visit here? Why here? Do you live here? How and why? It's hard to stumble upon this place by accident. You kind of need a reason.

What's yours?

Let me know by contacting me here. All comments may or may not be used for future material and discussion at my discretion with the intent to keep your identity private. You can just type "Why CH" in the subject line.


Other than that, things are closing up. Fort Wilkins looks pretty ready for the winter and they even pulled their fishing dock in. Lake Effect drained the pipes and will re-open next summer.

We always have a few places to go besides the woods or the lake. And if you're desperate with no place for some reason, just knock on anybody's door. If that person can't help you, they will know someone who can. We know how it is up here!

Thanks for reading. Take care!

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1 Comment

Michael Ager
Michael Ager
Oct 25, 2023

The current #1 reason to go to Copper Harbor is to visit Amanda’s beautiful gallery! But you’ll have to wait until next summer for that ☹️ unless you visit online which is second best 😊. Holiday gift giving is approaching fast!

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