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Winter Storm Warning!

We just had our first winter storm warning. There was quite a bit of hype about it. "Up to 10 inches of wet snow expected." Then "3-5" expected overnight." And so on.

So I had the Keweenaw Report bookmarked to check the cancellation list at 5:30 am yesterday morning in case there was no school.

But there were no cancellations.

And there was no new snow!


I think that one of the biggest dramas up here in the winter (or fall) is a storm prediction. Understandably so. It's hard to predict a storm, especially when snow takes on so many forms. It can come down in anywhere from 1-8" and still be the same amount of moisture. (That's my best guess without researching the numbers.)

Plus, who can predict what Lake Superior is actually going to do?

Probably no one.

So yeah. My point is that we spend too much time trying to prepare for a storm when it could be a bust or much worse than expected. I'm okay that this last one was a bust... at least here! I think Wisconsin got more snow than we did. It should warm up a bit this week, so I can put my hose away.

But yesterday was nice for Trick-or-Treating! It's a big thing in this town. Lots of kids and lots of houses to knock on. Last year Brady brought home half a pillow case worth of candy and treats. Oy!

This year he went as a "goblin zombie." His own creation, I presume. Here he is with Harry from the Genny.

He went into the Genny to scare some people, and then we went to one house. One. He got a little bag of chocolate bars -- just what he wanted -- and told me it was time to go home.

I asked him again. "You just want to go home?"

"Yes. Let's go. See? I have my chocolate bar." He hoisted the baggie like a prize.

"Okay, then! Let's go!" Haha! Easiest Halloween ever!

Over the weekend we went to Hunter's Point in the first snow just to get out of the house. He watched the waves for a bit.

It was lovely, but wet.

Then we went for a hike. This kid. He certainly has this leisurely way of ambling when the trail is clear. I love it. I bet I could get an album full of this gait with different scenery and clothing. Ha!

Happy November! Only 51 days until the days start getting longer! It actually doesn't seem so far away, and for that, I'm grateful.

Have a great day, and don't eat too many chocolate bars!

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