Wild side

Take a walk -- or a ride -- on the wild side in Copper Harbor!

*I am certified in CPR and Wilderness First Aid

Mountain bike lessons


Need to get more balanced and confident on your mountain bike?  As an intermediate certified instructor through BICP, I can teach you everything from fundamentals to rad drops on world class trails!  I'm coaching through the Grit Clinics, so sign up on their site!  You can find me on their coaches page as well.  Learn more by clicking here.  Come pedal with me!

Wildflower walks

Tiptoe through the tansy with me!  From spring to fall, blossoming beauties speckle the meadows, ridges and wetlands of Copper Harbor, and I know them all. Okay, sometimes I find a new one.  Yes!!!

All walks are scheduled by appointment only.  Donations are appreciated.  Give me a shout!

And if you find me in the field, I'll be glad to let you know what's blooming there... any time.

Springtime Hepatica