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Bike/Body Balance, Baby!

I have this weird fetish where I love to teach people how to ride a mountain bike. If you are able to stay upright and pedal on flat ground, I can teach you the skills to take your wheels to the trail.

The first thing we’ll do is work on basic fundamentals to get you comfortable with handling and balancing on your bike – even if you are an advanced rider! I want you to prove it to me that you have the basics down.

From there, we’ll go over the moves that all riders use to ensure you can ride simple features and avoid obstacles on the trail. And with my intermediate coaching certification through BICP, we can progress to popping your bike off the ground and dropping off ledges! Safely and in control, of course.

We’ve got a local terrain park to practice in before we even take it to the world-class trails. I mean, we’ve got it going on here in Copper Harbor!

Sound fun? Sign up through my website! There’s a link to the Grit Clinics on this page. They do all the paperwork and insure us, so we are in good hands.

With me, you’ll have a good time laughing, learning and progressing your skills.

This is me demonstrating the Roll Down Lunge* at my BICP Level 2 training. (Thanks for the video, Bush!)

This move is easy to learn once you've completed the basics. With just a few key words, practice and confidence, you can do this too!

*The Roll Down Lunge is meant for low speeds, when the rider needs to check what's below before they take the plunge.

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