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Celebrating a Great Teacher

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

I noticed that 4 inches of heavy snow just fell on my front porch in the last hour. I didn't know this was coming! I already added shoveling to my To Do list. Ha!

Happy spring, right?

Yesterday was also World Down Syndrome Day!

I will be honest that I didn't know it was a holiday until I had my own child with the extra 21st chromosome. Most people have 2, but he has 3 on 21, so 3/21 is the day to celebrate. Somebody was thinking!

Everyday is a hoop-shooting dance party day at Brady's house!

I told him it was his special day. I told him "Happy World Down Syndrome Day!" and he was happy, but I don't know what he really understands about that yet.

When he gets curious about something, he asks me about it. Then I tell him because he listens and asks other questions along the way. I feel like, if I tell him about it now, it would be like putting him through a science class he's not interested in.

I'll wait until he asks about it. Then he'll pay attention.

I already do my part to tell him -- everyday -- how amazing and wonderful he is. Even if he's a stinker (which he is), he is still a magical part of my life.

Of our family's life.

Of this community and of the world.

The way he views all living things is different than most people.

It is sacred.

It's at a different level. And the more I pay attention, the more I learn, and the more I can be understanding and compassionate like he is.

The one who teaches by example is often the greatest teacher. He is a great teacher. All his students are really lucky.

I think it snowed another inch while I wrote to you! Wowzers!

Porch freshies by the minute!

Well, welcome to the new site! I hope you feel at home here!

Now go ahead and check out the latest Snack Break Sessions video on Youtube and latest podcast episode because they're linked on the home page of this site!

Woohoo! Another reason to celebrate!

You can view the Downs by the Bay archive HERE!

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