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I. Hate. Running.

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

I'm a person who promotes doing what you love and loving what you do.

But sometimes you have to do the gritty stuff to make the favorite stuff seem even more precious. Contrast, my friend.

I usually only run in order to get across the street quickly or chase Brady P. when he's off or catch a friend when I see them driving down the street.

I like to keep that sport for functionality. Or punishment. Yes. Sometimes I need to punish myself for drinking too much beer the night before (no, I don't do that) or eating too much ice cream (no, I don't do that either!).

So, yeah. Functionality, punishment or to fit in a time constraint.

Putting on all my rollerblade or bike gear takes a long time. And I enjoy those activities so much that I just want to keep going, and not look at a clock. Well, this week I had 45 minutes to jack the old heart rate up as much as possible before a meeting on Tuesday.

So running it was.

Sweaty shoes drying in the sun

I kind of had to run. I mean, the wildflowers are popping up, and I wanted to scout them along the trails -- the perfect place to run. Because, remember: the first wildflower walk is this Sunday!

So I scouted wildflowers on my first mile out. And I only stopped to walk once. Once! Usually I run like this:

"Oh, man. (Suck in air.) I hate this. (Suck in air.) But if I just (suck in air) make it to (suck in air) that tree (suck in air) then I'll walk (suck in air) for a bit."

And I end up walking more steps than running. At least it feels like it. I mean, running hurts. It's a painful way to exercise, but it sure does the job.

That's why I'm stoked about this week. It felt pretty darn good on my scouting day, as the foliage kept my mind off my burning legs and lungs.

I ran from the general store to the lighthouse lookout. One mile. Once there, I had to go see the lake since I made it that far without my jugular drumming like the wings of a mating grouse.

I splashed her calm water on my face and blew her a kiss.

Then it was time to go back. Oy.

The way back seemed like it was all uphill. At least that last 1/3 mile. I ran through the green moss and leafing billberry bushes along the Lakeshore loop. It's a little gnarly in there, but certainly peaceful. And uphill.

A screw must have jogged loose in my head.

Because the next day I ran again.

Up the Stairway to Heaven! Okay, that was more like hike, and I thought, "What the heck are you doing this for again today, Amanda? You hate running!"

Yes, it's true. But that darn time constraint during Braeden's short time at school really nips at my heels.

That was the end of it, though. Don't worry.

And you know what? My legs felt amazing the next time I pulled Brady P. out on the bike in his little chariot. I felt like a superhero!

Then I remembered that I am. Well, now I'm off to save the day!

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