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At Least There's Ice

So, this winter has not been normal, as you well know.

It's just been different. We have to think out of the box.

The road to Lake Manganese is currently drivable, so we went up there this past weekend. What fun ice! We took our turns trying tricks and "falling down" to appease Braeden.

You can thank Esa for capturing our moments. He is so candid with it!

At one point, we all fell into a little bundle and he captured that too. This is one of my favorite pics of us. Thanks, Esa!!!

There wasn't a cloud in the sky!

Then we embarked on a hike up the Red Trail lead by our tiny fearless leader. There were a couple crusty snow patches and a couple muddy spots, but we prevailed! It was so much fun! We came up with a fun hiding game to keep things moving along.

It was a great place to be in the sun and out of the wind. I think most of us smiled the whole time!

This winter has also kept Braeden playing out in the yard a lot more. I mean... the yard is grass! He has his tee ball with a bat, his golf club and his hockey stick. He loves all of these games and he's getting really good at them!

He is to talented that I love being his ball return person. Whether it's pitching to his bat, returning from a nice golf swing, or defending my goal in hockey, we have a blast.

I can honestly say that when his diagnosis was confirmed, I didn't imagine us outside switching between several different sports. He is quick to stop the puck, has great aim, has great focus, has a stellar follow through on all swing types, is quick and agile and just loves every minute of it!

Now we just have to wait for the winds to settle, so we can prop his basketball hoop back up. He sure loves that too!

I sure am lucky to be boy's mom. He's the best little guy that could have come into my life!

If you need some local history in your life, check out our latest podcast episode featuring Barb Foley from Country Village Shops! She's a no BS kind of lady with great stories... and a surprise!

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Thanks for reading!

Stay awesome!

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1 Comment

Great to see Lake Manganese as the center for fun. Braeden continues to exceed expectations - that will go on for his whole life. Loved Barb Folley's interview. Fascinating answers to excellent questions. Your pool of wonderful guests is bottomless. Next we know, it will be a man-on-the-street chat on Brockway Ave on a summer evening.

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