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Sounds and Pictures of Spring


Today will be mostly pictures, but they are lovely.

Here's one from April 6th around sunrise. I know you know what lake that is. I rarely see it that flat. What a sight!

I took this next picture just before the sun rose that same morning. I'm sure you know this lake too!

Look at the ripples on that lake! It busted my heart open all over again!

And last weekend I got to hike Hunter's Point with my boys. It was windier that day.

This is little man and me at the big broken rock. Thanks, Esa!

And here is one of those two on atop a rock to the east. My cuties!

Brady can sit there for hours watching the waves. It's so awesome until I'm ready to go! Ha!

We took a different path from the parking lot that day. I always like this open spot for some reason. But look at how that pine tree is hanging on to that conglomerate like a giant octopus! What a feat!

Thanks for coming with us!

It's snowing and windy right now. Kinda looks like winter out there, but it won't last long.

To keep you updated, I post this blog the 2nd and 4th Wednesday (or Tuesday) of each month. I air my podcast on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays. The latest episode is a walk with the waterfalls. I've gotten some great feedback on that one! If you missed the spring runoff, you can listen to it here.

And here is the link to all the podcasts episodes if you are curious! Feel free to comment or tip. It helps a lot!

Lastly, if you don't get to listen, I invite you to share your thoughts for a future episode. Understand that it takes some bravery to share this. Please contact me if you want to answer the following question: What is a valuable life lesson you learned from a difficult time in your life?

Give that some thought. You can share it anonymously or as yourself. Just specify that.

And if you don't tell me what you learned, at least tell yourself!

See you soon!

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