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It's What You Make It

I ended the last post with "Happy Spring for real this time!"

Apparently the Weather Gods are still playing tricks.

In the last week we had two power outages, sustained winds from the north over 20mph, several inches of snow and a canceled school day due to the weather.

Don't think I'm complaining. I just like to tell you about it because, well, it's a bit unique. The other day I carried an armload of snowy wood from the back porch. The power went out two days before, and I lit a fire to keep us warm. Silly me, I did not replace the wood I used after that.

I had to start a fire with wet wood.

On my way back into my house, I rolled my eyes. Not only is it the middle of April, we already got to experience the glory of warm weather. Again, I am not complaining, but it's interesting how quickly the Big Lake can pull a fast one on us.

We must always be prepared.

Luckily, I finally did my part and ordered a battery generator. My God, what a saving grace! We gave it the trial run Sunday, so by Tuesday, I felt like a pro. Ha!

It's really not a joke, though. Keeping us warm while keeping our food cold and being able to communicate beyond the house during a storm are all very important things. I finally have us set up for that. Whew. Only took me 12 years!

I had to do a lot of research, though. And consider priorities. And cost. And longevity. And noise. So far, I think I made good choices. I'll let you know if that backfires. I sure hope not!

Here's another thing I learned. Maybe this works with most people in general, but it really works with Brady P.

I lost my voice for a couple days. I could not talk loudly to him. Instead, I had to wait until our space was quiet before I addressed anything. Anything! Because I could only speak softly. And he needed to come close to listen.

This kept our conversations quiet and calm. And do you want to know what I learned? He listened to me 99% of the time. That's huge! When I approach him in an authoritative way, I get him 50% of the time. But this, this is a game-changer, so I wanted to share it with you in case you had anyone in your life you wanted to try it with.

It's very calm and intentional. B works well under those conditions. Maybe we all do.

We also just got a new... pet? Not sure how to classify it, but it's alive. I keep kombucha going, but now we also have a sourdough starter (thanks, Stuart!). I have to keep that puppy alive too. So far, so good! And once my timer goes off, I can break into the loaf that's cooling on a wire rack. Sourdough is really something to work with. I know I have a lot to learn! Feel free to share any tips you have learned about yours!

The first loaf!

What else? The next podcast interview is loaded; it features Staci from the General Store. What a woman!

My next book is due to release this summer. Ooh, that's fun!

And just so you know, before B and I snuggle in for bed, we say a prayer. The last thing we say is "And please bless everyone in the whole wide world. Amen."

You are included in that. We try to send you a kiss on the cheek, so you know you are loved.

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