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More Ways to Copper Harbor!

Updated: Mar 10, 2023


I have some exciting news! By looking at the title, you might think there's a new bridge or highway to the harbor, but that's not true... yet!

However, there IS a new way for you to read about Copper Harbor online! And guess who's the wordsmith behind it? ME!

I've been hired to blog biweekly for the Copper Harbor website! Please note that other administrators post blurbs here and there on this roll, but every other week, you'll find an in depth, local perspective on places, seasons, events and ideas. I'm so excited!

Here's a link to the first post I did about the Community Garden. It's delicious!

Feel free to subscribe to that blog or like them on facebook or instagram! That way you never miss a Copper Harbor beat.

Otherwise, I plan to repost all those stories here, so feel free to subscribe to this one too! Then my own, more personal (and sometimes a bit risqué) posts will be intermingled with those.

I sure hope you enjoy this new dimension of the Harbor!

Just for fun, the mushrooms are out. Here's a picture of the BIGGEST ones I've seen all season! (My foot is in the picture for proportion.)

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