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Porter's Island Circumnavigation


These last few days have been a great summer. Ha! Summer with fall colors! I hope you get to come up to see them!

I've been home with a sick little boy the last few days, so I haven't traveled to get a picture of the current leaf situation.

However, on Saturday, Esa and I had an amazing adventure to Porter's Island in the fog. Here is some color from the lichen on that adventure!

Lichen and juniper in the fore, fog and the harbor in the back

One fun thing I got to do on the way over was get a video of paddling (one-handed) through The Gap. Check it out here!

This journey was calm and eerie. We ended up in a spot where the water was much lower than it was the last few times I've been there, and the fog covered the view of the harbor town, so it was hard to believe where we really were.

And even more unbelievable was that, while we looked at it, the sun reflected a small sparkle on the lake to signify a portal to heaven. Ha! We thought about walking on water to enter, but we realized we are already in heaven!

Portal to Heaven

We circumnavigated and had a jolly time. We always do.

Here are some more highlights.

A lush point in a calm inlet

My favorite cedar tree

Around the north side

It's really like being on a different planet when you're there. I mean, I can only assume. But the conglomerate there has its own color and barrenness. I highly recommend a journey there if you've never been.

I will leave you with a link to the latest podcast episode. It's only 7 minutes long and Brady sings a song for the intro. What a guy.

Thanks for reading!

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