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Pretty Leaves

If you like maple leaves, the area is quite colorful with them. They are the prettiest in my opinion. The covered stretch is ablaze right now!

I suppose we had a couple adventures since I wrote last. My love and I took a new journey the other day. I won't tell you where we were, but maybe you have been there. (Our Patreon members will find out!)

Here are some pictures from that lighthearted trek.

You might recognize this!

We watched this crane fish for a couple hours!

We found a beaver hut!

I was enchanted by the sea of lily pads and reeds.

This fall has given us some amazing weather. I'm so happy to be out in it! We'll have to go there again. What a peaceful place.

My parents came up for a fall journey. They got to go to Horseshoe Harbor for their first time! It was a bit wind-sacked there, but they still made the best of it.

Esa, B and I climbed over the big rocks to watch some waves! Thanks for the picture, Esa!

We were geeked!

Things are definitely much quieter up here now. Weekends are busier, I suppose. But the color is sure to peak here in a week or so, so then we'll be flooded with bus loads of people!

Guess what! I started writing In the Dirt Part 2! It's so fun! I'll let you know when it's almost ready. If you read the first one, I bet you can't wait for this one. If you need the first one, you can purchase it here.

I hope you are great.

Remember that forgiveness brings peace to your soul. Xoxo.

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Unknown member
Sep 28, 2023

Thanks so much for sharing the colors, textures and atmosphere of the Keweenaw autumn with us all Amanda & Esa. I especially love the incredibly vibrant lily pad photo! Your posts help me experience fall in the copper country which I will unfortunately miss in person this season, Thank you!

Amanda Wais
Amanda Wais
Sep 28, 2023
Replying to

You're so welcome! I'm happy to share. Thanks for following along!

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